History Made

For a Millennium our livery has carried the marque of The Woulfe with a simple symbolic meaning... 

'A Palace is the Reward for Bravery'

So for those who run in the rain instead of the sun, to all in-which disability isn't in the dictionary, For them who punch adversity square in the nose. To the Passionate and Hungry, For the Scarred and Wounded inside and out. For the battered, bullied and broken who get back up. To all the so called misfits, odd bodds, eccentrics and the just dam crazy. Cheers to You, Your History, Your Story, 


We create unique sportswear that we think is worthy to show everyone your showing up for the scars!

Garments that are truly perfect in their unique imperfection and distinctive G-W look and feel.

Where possible we still continue to use traditional manufacturing methods and techniques to give you something really special.

'HAND MADE' - To give you something completely unique most of our garments are individually cut and hand branded, a very lengthy process but insures only the best quality and a one off.

'ELEMENT AGED' - For some of our more exclusive garments we employ nature to help speed up the ageing process. These garments are often made to order and can take up up 28 days Hook 'N' Hang time to achieve the desired finish. In the end you have a totally unique garment, aged to perfection.

'HERITAGE MATERIALS' - Some G-W clothing and footwear even reuses materials from the past, capturing the true essence of GAME-WORN for every brave stride you take. 

The ancestral home of GAME-WORN, Skene Castle Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Our headquarters are now hidden among the timeless Surrey Hills in England.

You can buy direct from us anywhere on the globe and we have a growing network of stockists for you to choose from too. 

Outside the UK? contact us directly as shipping costs will vary depending on the quantity and the garment type you order.